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Dave Popple PhD

Corporate Psychologist, Founder of Facticiti.com and Reality TV Producer

"As entrepreneurs, nothing is more important than telling our story. No matter how fantastic our product is, if we cannot communicate the value clearly and concisely, the company will falter. Rachel's coaching helps ensure that your story and the story of your product is told in an effective and compelling way. It may not be fair that our capabilities are judged by our presentation skills, but it is reality. Rachel's insights will help even the playing field so our communication style does not get in the way of a great idea."

Dr. Jesse L. Dixon Jr.

Director, Office of Multicultural Affairs at University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire

"Rachel Woodward continues to be an advocate for those in need. She has represented the voices of the whole community as opposed to the privileged wherever she has gone to find work. It has been an immeasurable pleasure to work with her over the years. She has been and exceptional partner and ally in Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) work."

Matthew J. Stannard J.D.

Policy Director at Commonomics USA

"Rachel brings a unique depth and holism to her coaching. She has a proven history of turning people not only into good speakers, but into championship strategists and communicators."

Bonnie Stapleton

Former Director of Speech and Debate | Colorado College

"Rachel Woodward is one of the premier communication coaches in the United States. Her expertise, passion, and professionalism are unparalleled in the communication coaching and consulting community. The programs she facilitates greatly benefit corporate, academic, and nonprofit pursuits. I personally know of no one who is more ethically compassionate, enthusiastic, and knowledgeable. Under her mentorship, her clients experience personal and professional transformations which not only expand their communication voice but also their confidence and command of communication."

Dan Wetmore

Retired Military

"Rachel is a consummate professional, one of a few I'd recommended without hesitation or caveat. During the three years I had the pleasure of helping coach the college debate team she headed, her devotion to the work was evident in every aspect. Superb organization skills and attention to detail left nothing to chance, whether arranging cross-country travel for 20+, or multi-day tournaments and banquets for hundreds.

A tireless mentor to the students in her care, the expertise and genuine concern she demonstrated made her a perennial classroom favorite. Unparalleled communication skills and infectious enthusiasm kept the team focused and highly motivated, evidenced by their ranking in the top 5% of US colleges and universities.

Rachel's maturity, good humor and dedication to the work - whatever the work - will make her extremely valuable."

Nicholas Butler, PhD

Traveling Professor

"Rachel is a gifted rhetorician and an incredibly dedicated manager. As a member of the nationally recognized speech and debate program she directed at the U.S. Air Force Academy, I can attest to her calm leadership style, especially under pressure, and ability to make a shoestring budget feel like a direct pipeline to the treasury. She motivates people through her professional example and unique ability to summon the perfect words for an occasion; regardless of the setting. I've witnessed her captivate a classroom of students, silence a banquet hall filled with dignitaries, and inspire our team to win a national championship in debate. Rachel is a leader of eloquence and action that I am honored to recommend."

Matthew Gjertsen

Technical Trainer at SpaceX

"I was privileged to benefit from Rachel's superb organizational abilities while I was a member of the U.S. Air Force Academy debate team. As director of this nationally-recognized program she had to lead a diverse group of students and faculty in not only a demanding competition schedule but also hosting one of the largest and longest-running forensics tournaments in the country. She was able to do this with a budget which was consistently under threat and personnel resources always being pulled to other priority tasks. Rachel's ability in conflict resolution between team members and her willingness to include others in decision processes are unparalleled.

Her leadership of the team relentlessly pushed members to new heights while her inspiration in the classroom continually opened new students’ eyes to the rewards the team experience could offer. She was the key component in making the speech and debate team the most rewarding experience I had in my four years at the Air Force Academy."

Mariah Wulff

Enrollment Representative at Agrace Hospice Center

"Having been a student of Rachel's, I confidently say that six years later I continue to reflect on her content and teaching style. Rachel is extremely multifaceted in her teaching and is able to cater to the needs of her students and their style of learning. She is very passionate about her work as an instructor and equally as compassionate and caring about her students as individuals. Rachel has worked with many students from different walks of life and she, herself, is very culturally competent in which she should take great pride. Anyone looking to Rachel for coaching should have no hesitations, and should consider themselves lucky to be able to work with someone so genuine, so motivated, and so willing to help others."

Dominic Amegashitsi

Aspiring Motivational Speaker

"I have had the privilege to consult with Rachel Woodward in helping me improve both the content and the quality of my public speaking. Rachel helped me build my confidence with stage performance . . . Moreover, she also helped me develop my content. I was blown away by the quality of information and help she provided to me. She is also personable and sensitive to her client input. I can say with confidence that Rachel propelled me in the right direction to help me achieve my personal and professional goals. Without a doubt, I would recommend her to anyone looking for ways to enhance the quality of their public speaking."

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