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Peregrine enjoys working with speakers of all experience levels. Whether you're a business executive who speaks frequently or a novice looking to enhance your public speaking skills, Peregrine can help you. Peregrine capitalizes on your strengths and builds a personalized program to ensure you overcome any speaking challenges. Take a look at Peregrine‘s Solutions and begin your journey toward fearless, focused public speaking today!

The First Step to Success

Peregrine understands the fundamental importance of audience analysis. No matter how exceptional the speaker, the success of a presentation requires a tactical, data-driven assessment of the audience. Understanding the values and motivations of each audience ensures targeted presentations and crucial buy-in. The deliberate construction of presentations with each unique audience in mind will build your credibility, authority, and confidence. By engaging Peregrine to strategically evaluate your audience, the first pre-condition for success is assured.

Let Peregrine do the work for you:

  • Demographic Analysis
  • Rhetorical Distance
  • Chronemic Adaptation
  • Linguistic Analysis
  • Local Color & Personalization
  • Surveys & Inquiries

Speech Creation, Research, & Aesthetics

Creating a well-organized, impeccably-researched speech that visually engages the audience is a significant challenge. With 26 years of combined experience in writing, critiquing, and instructing speech writing, Peregrine will advise you on any presentation and help you to create the most effective, dynamic format. Having cutting-edge content and design elevates your credentials, creates a trusting audience, and significantly bolsters your confidence. Peregrine reviews content, augments research, and advises clients on design elements of presentations.

How Peregrine can help you:

  • Comprehensive Genre Knowledge
  • Compelling Introduction & Conclusion Writing
  • Organization & Sign-Posting
  • Research Assistance & Fact Checking
  • Proofreading & Grammar Assistance
  • Presentation Aesthetics for All Presentation Content

Transformative Strategies Tailored
to Your Goals

The most successful people are those who commit to continuously improving their skills. However, even the strongest speakers may hesitate to seek coaching. Peregrine understands the personal nature of performing in public and provides healthy, compassionate feedback with honesty and high expectations. Each client receives a comprehensive evaluation of their strengths and areas for improvement.

One-on-one coaching is provided based on the client’s goals and needs. Whether you want to be more authoritative, more authentic, or simply improve on your skills, Peregrine offers transformative coaching & assessment.

Peregrine helps you by providing:

  • Comprehensive Evaluation of Delivery in 15+ Areas
  • Pragmatic & Honest Goal Setting
  • Clear & Tangible Methods for Improvement
  • Proven Training to Maximize Strengths
  • Customized Coaching Based on the Style that Serves You Best
  • Access to Best-Practice Videos, Literature, & Demonstrations

Presentations That Allow Your
Team to Soar

In addition to one-on-one coaching and assessment, Peregrine offers public speaking workshops & training to help groups who share specific goals. No single group’s needs are identical, but learning the hallmarks of great speakers can be game-changing. Your group will achieve high-level proficiencies and overtake the competition with Peregrine's instruction.

Whether your group needs to overcome fears, communicate more effectively, achieve executive presence, or confront a hostile opponent, Peregrine has a workshop—or will build one—to make sure your company’s presenters are influential and dynamic.

Examples of Peregrine’s Workshops include:

  • Overcoming the Fear of Public Speaking
  • Intermediate Skills
  • Executive Presence
  • Storytelling
  • Debate & Hostile Audience Preparation
  • For Women Only: Overcoming the Confidence Gap

"Rachel brings a unique depth and holism to her coaching. She has a proven history of turning people not only into good speakers, but into championship strategists and communicators."

- Matthew J. Stannard J.D.
Policy Director at Commonomics USA
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