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Why A Falcon?

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As a symbol, the peregrine falcon embodies confidence. They are known for their fearlessness and focus, similar to the mission of Peregrine Communications—to create fearless, focused public speakers. Peregrine falcons are strategic and deliberate. This is why they are unerring when targeting their prey. Similarly, public speakers must be strategic and deliberate when preparing a presentation. Speakers need to understand their audience, their objective, and the ever-changing situations in which they find themselves. Peregrines are also a symbol of freedom and victory: exactly what Peregrine provides for its clients. Peregrine’s clients emerge free from fear and ready for victory.

Enjoy fearless, focused public speaking— contact Peregrine Communications and enhance your presentation skills today!

The Falcon in Legend and Mythology

The peregrine falcon has long been a symbol of focus, swiftness, and fearlessness. The peregrine is associated with nobility, dedication, and prowess as early as the Heian Dynasty in 2205 BCE. From Edward the II’s England through the reign of Elizabeth I, falconry was a sign of privilege and strength. In Egyptian mythology, the Falcon God, Horus, is said to have lost an eye when combatting his uncle. His eye is restored by Thoth, the deity of balance, speech, and writing.

The story of Horus served as an inspiration for Peregrine’s logo and focus. Clients are motivated to be balanced in their presentations and exceptional in their writing and speaking.

Woodward comments, “It was gratifying to find a symbol that so perfectly embodies the characteristics of an exemplary public speaker: nobility, authority, mental acuity, and strength. It serves as a metaphor for everything my clients will achieve.”

Peregrine Falcon

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- Bonnie Stapleton
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