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Fearless, Focused Public Speaking Begins at Peregrine Communications

Public speaking isn't easy. Whether it's combating stage fright, deciding how to deliver a presentation to a specific audience, or struggling with speech writing, public speaking can make even experts apprehensive. If you're ready to dramatically improve your speaking skills and presentations, Peregrine Communications has the solution for you.

Empowering Speakers since 1993

With more than 25 years experience in competitive speaking, coaching, and teaching, Peregrine Communications has the background to help you become a confident public speaker. Peregrine can assist a wide array of individuals:

  • Those who fear speaking in public (glossophobia)
  • Anyone who is unsure of how to structure a speech
  • Leaders or CEO’s looking to strengthen their already-exceptional skills
  • Beginning employees who want to master the hallmarks of a good public speaker

No two speakers are the same. Peregrine Communications doesn't offer a one-size-fits-all solution. Peregrine believes in helping speakers maintain their authenticity and personal voice. Customized solutions are tailored to enhance your strengths and target your areas of concern. As a results-oriented company, Peregrine will cultivate your ability to exceed industry standards:

  • Adapting to specific audiences
  • Performing with grace and poise
  • Preserving authenticity while still having executive presence
  • Motivating the audience with storytelling techniques

Enjoy Fearless, Focused Public Speaking!

Let Peregrine Communications help
you find your voice.


"I was privileged to benefit from Rachel's superb organizational abilities while I was a member of the U.S. Air Force Academy debate team. As director of this nationally-recognized program she had to lead a diverse group of students and faculty in not only... Read More

- Matthew Gjertsen
Technical Trainer at SpaceX
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